Thursday, June 26, 2008


So yesterday I wrote on the Yahoo blog for wives in Iwakuni and complained a little about being bored and the housing situation and two of the girls really took me in. I met them this morning at the crossroads. There is Amy, who's 23yrs and a little 2yr old, her husband is a Sgt. as well. Then there is Leticia, she's 23yrs as well with no kids and her husband is a SSgt. She just got back into the Marine Corps and is a Cpl. They took me out shopping in Iwakuni called the You Me store and then to Uni Qlo, right off base. I didn't take any pictures because I didn't want to be funny. But tomorrow I will when we go on our Welcome Aboard tour. Here are some pictures of base though.

So this is my friend Leticia's place. It's just right across the way from us. She lives in a 3brm even though it's just her and her husband. Since he's an E-6 he automatically rates a 3brm. It's nice though, really big rooms and a big living area and the kitchen is nice. I really hope we live on base. My friend Amy lives off base and even though it's a nice house, all the rooms are closed off and would NOT fit our big furniture in any room. Nothing would but our dining room table I think. Not the couches and tv center in one room and the bedroom would fit our bed but not the dresser. So I don't know what other ones are like, but I don't think it's going to work.

This is the Kintai Inn. It's pretty nice. Right behind us is the golf course and to the left and behind us is the theater.

This is the crossroads and the main intersection on the base I think.

And this is the commisary, which is so super SMALL, you have like 2 brands of things to choose from. I almost couldn't find the tomatos. And on the other side of the commisary is the MCX, the exchange. Which is alright. But this is all around the main intersection and all right across from each other and right down from us.

This is the commanding officers house. It's in the neighborhood in front of us and near Leticia's.

I had a pretty good time hanging out with them. Tomorrow night we're going to go to Amy's house and BBQ, so that will be nice that all the hubbys get to meet. I will take lots of pictures tomorrow and look like the Japaniese when they're in America. And I'll update again as soon as possible.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome to Iwakuni Japan!

I went to sleep so good last night. We got to bed about 10pm Japan time and woke up at 5am and couldn't sleep anymore. We'll see how it goes the next few nights, hopefully I can get used to the change easily.

Getting off the plane in Hiroshima. It's really pretty there, lots of hills and valleys and little islands.

Ryan and I towards the end of our 10hr flight. Wasn't too bad though.

The flight to Tokyo. We didn't get the seats we wanted but the two last ones of the 5 middle seats.

Ryan getting off the plane in Hiroshima. It was kinda of a scary landing to me because the plane was so small and we landed really fast and bumpy, then the pilot was going to turn and we were still going pretty fast so it felt like we were going to flip or something.

Here are some pictures from our hotel room at the Kintaii Inn.

The tall building is the mid-rise apartments. The main area of our room. To the right is a kitchen. Behind me to the right is the bathroom and the left is the bedroom.

So the picture goes from top to bottom. Down the road to the right on the top picture is the main gate and mid-rises and some townhomes. The picture uptop actually goes in-between these two. The picture on the bottom has more mid-rises and down that way of the road is the commisary, exchange and the crossroads, which is the food court, banks and little shops.

Here is a video, it explains those pictures a little better. Hope you enjoy this and I will post more and I get out more!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Japan here we come!

So as most of you know that Ryan and I are leaving for Japan on Saturday the 21st of June. Just as summer comes! for 3 years, figures huh! Here is a little more information about where we are going. We're going to Iwakuni, which is about 30miles South of Hiroshima.
Here is a map so you can zoom in and out to see the surroundings. I a definitely going to try to learn the spoken language there. So I will post more when I get there and I'll make sure that I updated more.