Thursday, March 26, 2009


So I thought that I would say hi! I have two Japanese guys fixing our toilet. Actually, we are getting a new one. I got clogged somehow. I think it just starts on floors above us and work it's was down.
Not much new going on here. I have finals next week and I haven't even read the last 10 chapter of my biology, so you know what I'm doing from now till next Thursday. After that, we're headed to Beijing on the 5th! I'm really excited. If someone wants anything specific from their you gotta let me know! And FYI to all those military folks out there, the Patriot Express flies straight from Seattle to Iwakuni! See call up your AMC terminals to get info if you want to come out here for only $27 a person!

Anyways, nothing else going on besides work and school. I was looking at my credits and I figure if I take at least six classes a semester, which is broken down into two terms, so three each term, than I can have my Bachelors degree in two years. So cross my fingers I can do it. I'm taking three classes this next term and I don't even get a break between classes! Anyways, Mozart says meow and I'll post soon!