Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our Doctors Appointment

I thought I would update everyone on our doctors appointment we had on Thursday. It was our first appointment and we had the ultrasound done, but when she was trying to find the baby all she found was the yoke sack. Which she said means that I had a blighted pregnancy and that when the cells were dividing and growing, that a baby never grew but a placenta and sack did. So my body kept thinking that I was pregnant and kept my hormones going. I was 10 weeks along and the sack measured to be 7 weeks, so she said that either I could wait and have a miscarriage, whenever that would happen, or I could go to the Japanese doctors and have a D & C done. So Ryan and I thought about it and on Friday we went to the Japanese doctors out in town and had them do a urine test, and more ultrasounds to make sure that the Navy doctor was correct. Here in Iwakuni our health clinic is just that, a health clinic, we don't have an OB/GYN, but a family practice doctor. So I felt better getting an opinion out in town. Once they diagnosed me with the same thing, we went ahead with the D & C, since nothing had happened since week 7 when the sack stopped growing, I wasn't going to wait another 3 weeks to have a miscarriage. I've had my doubts about being seen out in town at the hospital there because it's NOT what it's like in the states, but even though the nurses couldn't speak English they were really nice and helpful. So I've had the D & C and I'll have a follow up appointment next Friday and we'll get the pathology results back from the tissue to make sure it wasn't a molar pregnancy or to see if there was any leading factor for the blighted pregnancy.
Thank you for everyones thoughts and prayers. We're doing good, a little sore, and sad, but nothing that time won't heal. We'll start trying again in a few months.