Tuesday, December 08, 2009

So far in December...

Here are some pictures from this month so far...

Ryan's Birthday cake! Happy 27th Birthday!!!

This past Saturday I had my friend shave Mozart because obviously from the picture below her hair was out of control.

Well here she is! We normally have a groomer do it, but she isn't very good and we always end of having to help her. So my friend that works at the vet office helped me shave her... without a guard on the clippers. So this cut will last a while.

Gotta love her "boots with the fur", now she needs some "applebottom jeans"!

Ryan and me at a Sushi place in Hiroshima, and no we don't like sushi, but our friends that we went with really like it, so we tried it out, and we still don't like it.

Here are a few pictures from "Dreamination", one major road in Hiroshima is lite up on both sides with a whole bunch of different stuff. Here's a few pictures, our camera started to die, figures.