Saturday, February 26, 2011

Updates from the Far East!

I know it's been forever since I last blogged! Life is very busy with working full time, going to school full time, and spending time with family. As most everyone knows we're moving back to San Diego in July! We would have liked to get orders to the east coast so we could do more traveling around that area, but San Diego is such a nice city that you can't be disappointed to live there.

Things have been busy here. We went to the Sapporo Snow Festival the beginning of February and Morgan got sick for the first time. She got a double ear infection and bronchiolitus. After two different antibiotics, a 15min breathing treatment at the clinic; which was torture the clinic ran out of infant face masks for the inhaler, so Ryan had to keep the inhaler in her mouth for 15min. She was a great baby for being sick though! Besides her nasty cough, you'd never guess that she was sick.

Morgan is growing up so fast. At 4 months she's close to rolling over from her back to tummy, but just can't seem to get her arm out from under her. She talks ALL the time, bats are her toys, and will put ANYTHING into her mouth. She'll chew on her fingers, get all drooly and then try to touch your face with her nasty fingers. She's such a happy baby, and so easy to take care of. She wakes up around 5-6am, which is great because that's around the time I need to get up and ready for work. Then I drop her off at my friends place (who lives right below me), pick her up around 4pm, and is bed by 7-730pm at the VERY latest. She'll sleep all through the night, which she started to do a little after New Years.

She does well with tummy time. Since being at daycare she gets more tummy time and has tolerated it for much longer periods. She doesn't show any interest of rolling to her back, but trys to pull her legs up under her. We just bought an excersaucer, and she'll play in that for about 5-7min before she gets upset. She used to spit up constantly, but since decreasing the amount she eats and changing her forumla, things have gotten much better; though she does spend her days in bibs. I think next month we'll try a little bit of rice cereal.

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of months.

Four months old: 26inches long, 15lbs 14.7oz. Doctor said she's growing on the 95th percentile, and thinks she'll be about 5'9".

Three months old: about 25 1/2inches long, and about 14 1/2lbs. (I didn't take her measurements this month either, woops!).

Two months old: 24 1/4th inches long, and 13lbs 3oz, this month she started formula and really packed on the weight

One month old: I never measured her height but she was about 10lbs

Funny pacifier Ryan bought, she is out little piggy. She usually only crys when she wants to eat, or when you're burping her because she's so mad you took her bottle away.

Love the look on her face!

Love this picture! "Please mom, can I have another bottle?"

A Christmas dress

Opening her first Christmas presents.

Baby's First Christmas!

Asleep waiting for Santa to come. I love watching her sleep, so peaceful and precious!

Gotta watch out for this one!