Monday, March 17, 2008

New Hair Cut

So after I went with Julia to get her hair cut last weekend, I've been feeling like I wanted to cut mine, since it hasn't been cut since November! So I went from this......

TO THIS!!!! I think it's really cute and fun! Ryan hasn't seen it yet so we'll see what he thinks!

Friday, March 07, 2008

My New Baby

So this year with our tax returns both of us get to buy something special we want. So I got my new baby Coach purse! Ryans dad has the new X-Box 360 and he has jam sessions on Guitar Hero 3 all the time. The longest I think was 4-5hours. But I love my new purse and am going to be getting my new wallet using my Bank of America Spirit points (rewards points) to get it. The only thing now is that I feel kind of hoity toity walking around with it. But of well.

Monday, March 03, 2008


I know this is really amazing that I'm actually posting something! Theres not too much going on around here. Ryan just got his re-enlistment package approved and has sent it in, so within 3-4 weeks we'll know what he'll be doing and from there we'll get orders to where we'll go. We requested either Cherry Point, NC or San Diego, CA. It would be nice to go to North Carolina because I've never been to the East Coast and there's a lot we can go see.

Here are a bunch of pictures since August, my last post.

In August Ryan and I went to Las Vegas for our 4year Anniversary. We stayed at the Venetian, it was really great to get away and to somewhere HOT!! It was really hot but great since Washington didn't get that great of a summer.

Us on a gondola ride through the Venetian before dinner.

We also decided to rent a car and drive to the Hover Dam. I think it was even more hot out there and a little scary to look down. But it was fun, we go to go inside and down the side of the dam through some tunnels. It's really amazing and beautiful out there.

Next in November was the Marine Corps Ball. Happy 232nd Birthday to the Marine Corps!
Then for Ryan's 25th birthday, Dec. 2nd we were going down to Seaside, OR and us Jarom and Chelsea's Timeshare there and stopped in Beaverton to see Ryans brother Wes, his wife Kristy and their daughter Jazlyn. That weekend we found out when we got there, there was supposed to be Hurricane winds coming and knocked out all the power on the coast and closed all the roads going to and from the coast. So we stayed the weekend with Wes, Kristy and Jazlyn.

When we left and were on our way back we barely got through Chehalis, WA on I-5 before it closed due to flooding and broken levies.

I was really excited this Christmas because we were actually going to have a REAL Christmas tree! Every year we've lived in San Diego and weren't going to pay the outrageous price of a real tree, so this year we went out and cut down our own!

Of course I had to measure how tall our ceiling was so I could get the biggest one possible!

Ryan's family does Christmas German style and opens their presents up at night, so we did that with his parents of Christmas Eve, then went back to our place and opened a few, then in the morning we opened the rest of our own and then headed over to my parents house. This year it was nice that Aaron and his dog diesel were able to come. I haven't seen Aaron in about 2yrs, so that was great!
I tried to add more pictures but I think this post might be too big. I don't blog often so I'm not quite sure how big they can be.