Sunday, November 29, 2009


Here are some recent pictures of the kitties lately.

Spartacus will lay down and lay out his arms like that.

Yesterday night our friends came over and they have a little kitten that they brought with them. Spartacus didn't really like him, he didn't hiss or swat at the kitten, but we very wary of him. This is them sleeping together; once the kitten (Samuri) got close to Spartacus like then, Spartacus got up and left.

Such a cute little kitten.

Here's Mozart and Spartacus laying in the sun together.

And Mozart laying in her bed that was up sideways.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

We put our Christmas tree up this weekend. Last year we had a fake one, but we wanted to get a real one this year. We got a noble fir, and it wasn't very expensive at all. Hopefully it'll last until Christmas.

Here are a few pictures of Mozart checking out the new tree.

The tree with just the lights on.

Ryan putting on ornaments.

Now that star is crocked!

And the final product!

We don't be home for Christmas this year though, we'll be in Hong Kong, but it's still nice to have a tree up and our friend will be here to take care of the kitties.

Mijajima Firewalking Festival

A couple of weekends ago we went to Miyajima for a Firewalking Festival. It was some Budhist thing where they build a fire out of little paddles that people write prayers or something on them, then the priests bless them before they are thorn into the fire. Once they're all thrown in, the fire gets layed down and the head priest blesses it and throws salt or something around. Then the priests get's women's purses or bags and puts them over the fire and blesses them also (which I had done :) ). After that, the head priest walks over the fire, then his lower priests, then it's open to the public. We had planned to do the walk, but after 60 people walking over it, there was a pathway made which was all burned down and only black cold sut. So we didn't feel like waiting for the other 200 people to go through and wait our turn. So we left and had lunch. Here are some pictures from that day.

The stairs up the hill to the temple.

As you were going up the stairs if you looked down to the side there were all these cool monk statues everywhere.

All the people at the ceremony.

That is the head monk in the purple

They are getting the walkway made.

The old people walking over it.

A nice close up of someone walking over it.

Next time we'll have to get there early and get a spot at the front so we can walk over it!

Marine Corps Ball 2009

On November 12th Ryan and I went to the 234th Marine Corps Birthday Ball. It was held on base inside the basketball court at the gym; not too fancy, they put camo netting everywhere to disguise where your at. Here are some pictures from that night.

Birthday cake

Me and my co-worker Karen.

Our friends Jared and Amanda

Those are two of Ryan's friends, Brad and Ricky

Ryan and one of his Gunny's, Gunny White

Here's a picture of us at the house.

Here are two of the pictures taken at the ball.