Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Got our bedding in!

So we got our bedding in today! I'm so excited, it took FOREVER for me to pick out the bedding and I really really like it. It goes perfectly with the colors of the walls. I need some opinions, should I put the blanket on the back of the crib or front?

A close up of the details.

This is where I found Spartacus the other morning, he wants to stay the baby.

Not too much going on here. The baby is moving and kicking away. Ryan gets back from Okinawa in two weeks, I'm looking forward to that! I need someone to rub my feet at night :) When he gets back we're going to get another ultrasound done, and hopefully get a good look at her face and make sure that she's still a girl! Here is another picture of my belly at 28 weeks.


Kristy E.B. said...

I love the's so adorable!! You still do NOT look 28 weeks pregnant! You look great!

Mary said...

I always throw the blanket on the back b/c you'll be leaning over the front so often to get the baby in and out. Also, I LOVE what you picked...too cute!

Corey & Amber said...

Alyssia you look so cute! I wish I looked that good when I was having kids. The beddings super cute I love it and put the blanket on back so its not in the way!

Sariah said...

This bedding is soooo much better than that first pick at BRUS! Good job girlie!
I love the look of the blanket on the front, but really, it should be secured on the back so baby sushi doesn't accidentally pull it on herself and suffocate and all that jazz. Maybe you could display is somewhere in her room so it can receive its due glory somehow.

Gma & Pa Haslam said...

The room is gorgeous. Agree blanket on back or side. Better yet, wrapped around the baby. What a cute belly bump.

Anonymous said...