Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Pictures!!!

So I had gone out in town to do Japanese doctor, Dr. Shoji, to get some pictures and hopefully see what we're having because I know a lot of girls who have found out right about now. When I asked the doctor if the baby was too small to tell what it was, he just talked about the size of the baby. I don't mind going out there, but Dr. Shoji never answers the questions that I want. Also, I think he thinks I'm a regular patient becuase I was supposed to pay extra and get a CD of the baby moving around also, but he didn't do that. So we'll see if we go out there. We should be getting our Big ultrasound the second week of June, and that'll be up in Yokosuka. So we'll see if I can wait that long to find out!

And here is the 3D picture, it's not too alien, but it's still cute.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby B

So as most of you know we're expecting our first baby October 21st! Here are a few pictures that we have of the little bean.

In this one I think he looks like one of the ghost gobblins from pac man. (and I'm calling the baby a he, because I just know it's a boy!)

Also, soon after we took this test we took the Intelligender test; which is a urine sample gender test that you take after 10 weeks. If the sample turns orange with the chemicals it's a girl, if it turns green then it's a boy. And it turned green! This test has a 90% lab test accuracy and around 85% accuracy by consumers, so that just confirms my feelings even more. We'll update when we find out probably in about a month!!!