Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Furniture

Every Spring and Fall there is a bazaar here on base where vendors from all across the Far East come and sell furniture, clothing, and whatever else you can think of almost. Well I had been wanting something for our hallway when you walk in, but a little end table like thing. But when we checked the bazaar out, we liked too many things; so this is what we got.

We really liked this because of the mirror, but we wanted something that had more storage in it. So we continued to look around.

Then we saw this little piece. We liked it because it had more drawers and it was just the right size; but it didn't have the mirror. So we continued to look.

Then we saw this one, it had another piece as part of a set, but we really didn't have room for it. We liked all three pieces and couldn't decided. So we went home, thought about it and just said "heck, let's get all three!", so that's what we did! And I REALLY LOVE them all! I had just had a partylite party and needed a place for some of my things so these were perfect.

The lantern on top is a present my co-workers got for me because the bazaar was the weekend of my birthday and Ryan told them I wanted it. When I went to go buy it, it was gone. I was so sad, and then on Monday at work they brought it out to me. It was really a surprise, and it was only $26, you can get some great steals at the bazaar. We got all three of our pieces from three different vendors for a total of $975; but if you could have gotten them at one place, we could have gotten them down to $750 I'm sure. It was almost like being in Beijing again, all the haggling for the furniture. Which kinda brings me to my next annoucement, WE'RE GOING TO HONG KONG FOR CHRISTMAS!!! Whoop Whoop! Oh ya, we're excited and we're already planning our 4 day trip!

100 Yen Store

Ryan and I went to the 100 Yen store (aka dollar store) and found these dog outfits that we thought would be fun to put on the Mozart and Spartacus. They didn't really like them; Mozart just takes it and sits there, and Spartacus will try to take it off, but will still play around. Since they don't like them, we use them as a time out punishment instead. I think Spartacus is catching on because it's getting harder and harder to get it on him.

Spartacus looking hood.

Mozart clearing not liking being held, and the outfit.

Spartacus is in the background trying to take it off.

Cute Mozart with the hood on.

Spartacus trying to hunt. You can see 2 of the thousand toys he has around the house. His favorite is to play with the balls that have bells in them in the middle of the night. So those get hidden sometimes.

And this was just a cute on I took. It looks like hes hugging his daddy.

Again, a cute one. Spartacus loved sleeping on Ryan while he was playing his video games.

Here are two videos of him trying to take if off, it's cute.


Ryan and I went to Kyoto I think the weekend of the 18th of September. The first day we were there it rained, so I wasn't as good. But we spent half the day on the drive up and most of the other time we were walking inside places. I posted random pictures from our trips. I can never remember what significance the buildings have anymore.

This was some special golden temple on the water.

These pictures are from the second day there. The weather was beautiful that day because it was sunny and warm, but not hot.

Deer, every "special" sacred place in Japan has deer everywhere; and they all want to be up in your face getting whatever kind of food from you.

Ya, forgot to change this was around.

The classic pose. The guy right behind my shoulder was our tour guide Yuji.

Some big old palace that actually burned down and this is a replica of it; and it's only 3/4 of the size it used to be. I believe there aren't any nails in the structure also.

Some scary thing that if you rub it, then rub part of your body that needs healing it will heal it.

This is big buddha inside the building.

Walking upstairs to a temple. We were walking around the monks housing area.

A monks house I believe.

That was most of our trip. Just a quick one on the ITT tour trips.